Pilgrim:  One who travels with awareness and intention.

At World Pilgrim we strive offer experiences of alternative tourism where education, awareness, and cross cultural connections are the focus. We offer experiences of pilgrimage, where we are taken from our everyday lives to inhabit new countries and spaces that inspire life, bring awareness of our role in the lives of people around the world, and where we are challenged. Our guided pilgrimages are fully organized by our staff in Canada and in country. We strive to have in country guides leading our pilgrimages, sharing their in depth, in country knowledge with us. We work with partners and friends in the countries we visit and can link you with worthwhile projects where you may wish to volunteer for a short or longer stay.

Encounter cultures, people and the beauty of each country in these experiences of alternative tourism.     Use your travel resources to make a difference and be of use to the country you visit.   Build relationships with fellow travelers and those you’ll meet along the way.  Focus on practices of solidarity or long term change rather than charity.  Receive as much as you give.  Open your heart and be changed by the courage and beauty you will encounter in incredible people and communities you will visit.

World Pilgrim offers group travel experiences to Guatemala, Cuba, India, Thailand, and more….We provide programmes focused on education and can create custom travel opportunities for your group, school or church.  We encourage all travelers to ask the questions: When I travel: am I using a culture or am I being of use to a culture? How is my choice in how I spend my travel resources exploring the world helping or hindering the greater good for myself and for the culture I am visiting?

World Pilgrim is a private social enterprise legally registered in Canada.  World Pilgrim uses a portion of participant’s fees to provide financial assistance to small grass roots projects that normally would not receive funding from other sources.  See our projects section for more information.

Contact Information:

World Pilgrim Global Education Incorporated


facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/worldpilgrims