Guatemala: Land of the Mayan People

Guatemala all-ages Families Tour: July 4-14/2023

Leadership: Christina Atkinson, Julio Cochoy, Doris Kizinna

Discover the Highlands of Guatemala, exploring this beautiful region of Latin America. You’ll meet inspiring people and visit projects working to better Guatemalan Society. You’ll learn about Mayan culture, traditions, music and spirituality, and visit some of the most beautiful areas of Guatemala. Be guided by and meet Guatemalans listening to their stories and struggles. You’ll spend time learning about the history of the 36 year civil war and genocide and it’s effects on Guatemala today. Share a day of joy with the children at the school in Chwitiziribal, a small Mayan village. Visit Chichicastenango’s world famous market, a volcanic hot-spring to relax, a fair trade coffee project, a weaving centre and historic Antigua, as well as other worthwhile projects and sites. Build community when travelling with a group of fellow pilgrims.  For the Easter Tour, you’ll be in Guatemala during the lead up to Easter and that is an exceptional time to witness the faith and practice of virtually all of Guatemala. You’ll have chances to see the Lent/Easter processions through the streets which are incredible.  For our families tour we have geared the tour for all ages, with activities that all ages will appreciate or with options for you to choose what may be the best for you and your family.  Pre or post-trip, we can help you organize an optional trip unescorted to Tikal and the Mayan Biosphere. (at an additional cost and self guided)

For more information or to check in if this trip is for you please contact: 

Doris Kizinna, 604.341.2724 worldpilgrims@gmail.com 

Cost for Easter Tour: Adults:  $2925 CAD – Single Room:  $3375 CAD includes GST

Cost for all ages Tour: Adults:  $2850 CAD  Youth: (16 and under) $2650 CAD  Single Room:  $3300 CAD  includes GST

Tour includes:

  • all accommodation in excellent and comfortable hotels, see websites in itineraries below:
  • tips for all hotels and drivers
  • all meals including non-alcoholic beverages
  • all transport in country in our Coaster 23 passenger bus with large windows with our loved driver Marco, boats on the lake, tuktuks and taxis.
  • all entrance fees for all visits: Iximche ruins, hot springs, nature reserve, etc and all honorariums paid to musicians and artists we visit.
  • group donations to organizations we visit (donation of a bed to a senior, gifts of food etc to our elder nan maria, gift to the nuns in Zacualpa for the work they do with migrants heading to the USA, depending on the tour.
  • 1-2 Canadian guides, 1 Guatemalan guide with the group for the whole trip, and 1 Guatemalan translator guide with us for half the tour
  • Does not include flight, immunizations, optional Tikal journey, and alcoholic beverages. If you wish you may contribute to an extra contribution/tip for our Guatemalan translator and driver at the end of the tour.

Tikal Tour Option: There is an option if you wish to stay on for 2 more nights to experience an overnight trip to TIKAL, an ancient Mayan site in northern Guatemala. The costs for this optional tour are extra and can be added on to your costs. In the past people have paid app. $600 USD for a one hour flight return, shuttle to the airport, shuttle to Tikal, a guided tour through the ruins, an overnight in the park at the Jungle Lodge for one or two nights, sunrise on temple 4 in the park, tour of Flores and boat trip around Flores and shuttle back to airport and flight back to Guatemala city. Amazing! You would also have an additional cost of an extra night in Guatemala the day before you fly home and meals. Let us know if you are interested in this add-on option.